ElFurat Foreign Trade has also exported 'Link Boxes' prepared as special production in the direction of another customer demands.

These Link Boxes, which are a complementary accessory feature of underground cable systems, are designed to limit the voltage that can occur on the cable screens, to eliminate the current that can result from this voltage, and to allow the current to flow to the ground in the event of a short circuit.

In general, these Link Boxes aim to provide safe, long-lasting working and permanent solution for the other auxiliary elements. They are produced in a detachable and attachable structure that is easily removable for any cracks, cuts or punctures that may occur in the cables.

According to the incoming requests, it is determined which type and which connection method may be suitable for the Link Boxes and the special production is completed with the mutual agreement by means of drawings according to the usage purpose.

As ElFurat Foreign Trade, customer satisfaction is the most important issue and provide it with meeting the demands correctly and receiving all the accessories with the approval of all the inspections, and delivering to the desired point on time.